*Please note that you must complete your entire application in one session. We recommend that you write the answers to the essay questions separately and then copy them into the form below when you are ready to submit your entire application.*

Section 1. Basic Information

Section 2. Essays

Section 3. Resume

Please e-mail a 1 page resume to by the January 3, 2010 deadline with your name in the subject line.

Section 4. Recommendation letter

Please request a recommendation from someone who can attest to your leadership and commitment and has seen you working in a group setting. This can be a teacher, mentor, supervisor, peer, colleague, or other non-family member who knows you well. The recommendation letter should include the reviewer’s contact information, relevant professional or volunteer position, relationship to you and length of your relationship. The recommendation should also address the following points:

  • Your strengths and achievements
  • Your leadership ability
  • Your ability to work well with others
  • What you would get out of this experience
  • Any reservations he/she has about your participation

All recommendation letters should be emailed by the person writing it to by the  January 3, 2010 deadline.


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