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Reality 2012 Participant

I learned on this trip that leadership can mean many things to many people, and there are all different kinds of leaders.  Before REALITY, I had never seen myself as a leader.  I had a history of academic achievement, but ... Read More

Reality 2012 Participant

One of the most amazing things about the trip was the ability to spend hours talking with brilliant people and really get to the core of what you believe in and value. I always had a vague sense about what I believed in but I ... Read More

Reality 2012 Participant

The REALITY Israel trip is the single most effective thing I could have done for my professional and career development at this point in my life. It really helped me to clarify my values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. ... Read More

REALITY 2011 Participant

Before joining the REALITY Israel experience, I was an exhausted first-year teacher who was very ready for summer break. I had made it through my first year of teaching, which I was very proud of, but I did not feel totally ... Read More